Shine Assemblies


​​by dawn marie




Thank you for such an impactful and informative presentation, earlier, this evening. The girls were fully attentive to your every word, and they’ll never forget what they heard and learned. Presenting yourself as one of them seemed to lower their defenses and open the door to an illuminating moment for the girls.


I just want to thank you for giving up your valuable time to come out and speak to the student body at BRMS! Your message was so powerful and warmly received by our students, I know that every child could relate to some aspect of your talk. You were candid, entertaining and REAL! I appreciate the fact that you were so willing to share your personal story to let kids know tha everything is going to be OK. Middle school is such a challenging time for our kids and you are the perfect example of someone who really beat the odds! Thank you on behalf of the students and staff at Boca Raton Middle School.

Mrs. Steiger | Assistant Principal, Boca Raton Middle School

Thank you very much for making wonderful anti-bullying presentations for our students.You instantly connected with our students and they got a clear message from you. Bullying is so pervasive in many students’ lives, but it is not easy to involve students in this topic at a deeper level. You were able to tell them that there is no shame in discussing these issues and you gave them practical suggestions to deal with bullying. Thank you very much for involving yourself in this noble cause. You inspired all of us—students and adults.Our entire staff was impressed with your presentation and they thank you for your visit.I am going to communicate with other principals about your presentation. I am sure they would like their students to meet you.

Harjinder Mattu | Principal, Rio Linda Junior High School

On behalf of the staff and students of Will C. Wood Middle School I would like to extend our thanks to you for taking the time from you busy schedule to visit and speak with all of our 7th and 8th grade students this morning. The issue of bullying is very relevant in their lives, at school and on the internet; Your words, stories, and examples were heartfelt, meaningful, and touched our students, as well as some of our staff. It is not often that someone with your experience, skills, and national exposure ever comes to our school. It is because of people like you who reach out and touch the lives of our youth that lives will be changed, and eyes opened to the change that is needed.

Kevin Eldridge | Counselor, Will C. Wood Middle School

Dearest Dawn:Thank you for presenting in our Single-Gender Assemblies to our girls. The passionate message created an environment of empathy, sympathy and caring for all. Our young ladies felt connected, respected and listened too. Your personal story resonated with many, allowing them to overcome barriers and obstacles they’re struggling with.Your message of hope and achievement has set in motion plans for their successful academic and career goals. Your flexible schedule in accommodating our needs was deeply appreciated by staff, administrators and counselors too.You’re an inspiration and beacon of hope to young adults. Keep up the good fight and don’t ever give up………….

Izzy Parrado | Guidance Counselor, Okeeheelee Middle

“What a wonderful expose of how to prevent bullying and cyberbullying.  The students really learned quite a bit on how to prevent themselves against predators and being a target.  We really enjoyed the experience.”

George Lockhart | Principal at Roosevelt Middle, Palm Beach“

The student body did not want to leave the gym.  Each grade group had questions for her.  They had a strong admiration for her, staff included.” 

Dean Agnes Brooks | Northport K-8, Port St. Lucie

To whom it may concern,We had the pleasure of meeting Dawn at our school.  The students absolutely loved her and gained so very much from her visit..

Caroline Edwards | Counselor, Kentwood Preparatory School, Palm Beach County, Florida

“I have to tell you something about Azziza. Very few people inspire or motivate her as you may already have seen she is beyond her years. Since she has met you she has been nothing but elated and proud that you played a powerful role in her life in just a few hours. That truly is a compliment and I too thank you for giving her that opportunity.”

Monet Colbert, Parent 

“Delivered a very positive message understood by 500+ students…”Anne Engelson, Principal | Blackham Middle School“

Dawn was very approachable.  The young ladies truly identified with her and her message.  The presentation was well organized and delivered with great passion…”​

Ms. Walker, Guidance Counselor | Henry D. Perry Middle School

“Dawn related well to the students. She was “real” with them…”​

Nancy Sampson, Assistant Principal | Pioneer Middle School