"HUMAN TRAFFICKING. IT'S PERSONAL." Educational Video for parents and educators. 

This video is deeply personal but I don’t mind sharing if it helps to bring awareness to the cause of human trafficking. By watching and sharing, you will be educating yourself, helping to incapacitate earth scum human traffickers, but you will also be honoring the little girl I was and all exploited children. Sex traffickers use social media to contact, recruit, and sell children for sex. We must use social media too, to shine the brightest light on their dark tactics to keep our children safe. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Visit the link, like and share. It’s the very least we can all do to fight back as human traffickers spend their days and nights on social media shattering innocence, destroying the lives of children and families, and eroding our communities. 

Thank you Christina Vidal for sharing your production knowledge, gift of make-up artistry, and the countless hours you spent with me in filming. Thank you to all the kids and families who participated in acting out scenes to illustrate the many lessons contained in this series. Also, many thanks to Becky Dymond, founder of
Hepzibah House for sharing your knowledge and insights with me during this process. 

There is mention of some members of my biological family. There is no intent to embarrass or punish them, but this story simply couldn't be told without including their role. 

Please make this video viral for our kid's sake. 

Below are short videos from the complete video "Human Trafficking. It's Personal." to allow for watching and learning in shorter segments. 

Shine Assemblies

​​by dawn marie