​​by dawn marie



Shine Assembly Topics

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within." ~Maya Angelou

Shine Assemblies

"Truly confident and secure people can't help but to uplift and bring out the best in the people around them. A person who bullies is exposing insecurity and personal issues. Real power comes from loving yourself and allowing others to shine. Most kids are not bullies. Bullies are outnumbered and their power is diffused when we understand this, and make our voices heard by standing up for ourselves and our peers.

The feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and insecurity that can result from bullying are temporary. I had those feelings too. We do go on to experience a new life, new set of friends, new experiences, new accomplishments that will change the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Things do get better. We learn lessons. We get stronger, wiser, and we care less and less about what others think. The experiences I had "post middle and high school" are precious: the birth of my nephews, making a real difference as a speaker and activist, becoming a vocalist, performing the national anthem for a United States president, being crowned Ms. United States, traveling the world, and making friends from all walks of life along the way who love, support me and continue to teach me lessons about myself and my continued healing."
-Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie's assemblies focus on exposing the mindset of bullies, human traffickers, and predatory people, as well as how to spot a “smart bully” (or manipulator) in friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, families, classmates, and even in the workplace. With new legislation being passed which mandates that human trafficking prevention be taught in Florida schools, Dawn Marie teaches the most up-to-date strategies for kids to arm themselves against predators and traffickers. She shows struggling teens basic techniques to get the respect we all deserve as well as how to create an environment in our schools where students are safe, supported and accepted. She also educates students on the importance of protecting their online image as well as exposing how traffickers are using the internet to lure children into human trafficking. Her presentations are dynamic, highly interactive and down-to-earth.

For Community Outreach, Charity Events, Boys and Girls Clubs and More

Human Trafficking Prevention: Identifying the most common risk factors, reporting venues, social media safety, common lures, grooming techniques, strategies and for prevention, and reporting. 

For Schools:

  • Bullying & Gossip
  • Exposing a “Smart Bully” (Manipulator)
  • Internet & Cell Phone Safety
  • Protecting One's Online Image & Why It Matters
  • How to Deal with a Cyberbully & Internet Gossip
  • Empowerment, Assertiveness & Boundaries
  • Boundaries in the Biz: Personal Safety for Performing Artists, Models
  • Leadership at School and in Life
  • Choosing Your Circle of Friends
  • Identifying a Bullying/Predatory Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend & Red Flags
  • Dating with Dignity & Self-Respect (Age Appropriate)

Child Lures Prevention: keeping kids safe from sexual abuse and exploitation. (Age appropriate with option to separate gender groups.)​

Teen Lures Prevention: preventing sexual assault & violence among teens while also addressing the growing problem of teen sex trafficking in South Florida. (Age Appropriate)

In addition to Bullying Prevention, Shine Assemblies also present on self-improvement topics including:

  • Public Speaking
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Dress for Success
  • Etiquette & Social Skills

Shine Assemblies are presented in 45 minute sessions or less by grade level for middle and high schools in any available space. To schedule an assembly at your school, email Dawn Marie or contact her directly at 561.779.4492.